Chocolate Truffle Tartlet

This week at TWD, we made Chocolate Truffle Tartlets, or in my case, a Chocolate Truffle Tart made in a cake pan.

The recipe for Chocolate Truffle Tartlets from Baking with Julia can be found at A Whisk and A Spoon and Spike Bakes.

My experience this week was the usual adventure of messing up and starting over. The chocolate pie crust proved difficult especially when you add way too much water as I did.  After I baked it the first time around,  it came out like an inflated sponge, hard, and tough. As I started over I watched the TV episode for this recipe and found it most helpful in my second attempt at the crust. It was still a little nerve racking getting it not to fall apart as I placed it into the pan. I don’t have a tart pan so I used my cake pan.

But it came out the second time around, with some help from the roomie.  So, yeah!

Then off to mix the fun part, the filling.  Melted semi sweet chocolate, white chocolate chunks, milk chocolate chunks, and biscotti make a chocolate heaven!

Then I poured all that into the baked crust and into the oven again for a lot longer than I expected. But I watched it like a hawk and checked every few minutes until I had the nerve to finally take it out of the oven.


And then the taste taste…after working on it all day I finally got to enjoy my Tartlet with a glass of milk relaxing on the couch. And it’s pretty tasty. The biscotti gave it a very interesting texture and it’s so chocolaty, very moist and reminiscent of a brownie. I thought it tasted even better the next day. It passed the room-mate test, he enjoyed the chocolate concoction. And it passed the work test, all my employees liked it too, but who doesn’t like free food!



13 thoughts on “Chocolate Truffle Tartlet

  1. I’m going to sound like a dork here, but I never thought of finding the tv episode to watch!!! Duh. I have a tough time with new recipes, because you have no point of reference… but we have Julia and the other chefs to show us how to do it! Genius 😉

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