This week we made Rugelach, or at least I attempted to make Rugelach, with Tuesdays with Dorie.

I love rugelach and was so excited to have some homeade, but this week was an Epic Fail. Ugh. I was nervous the whole time especially with the dough making. It was so soft, even with all the chilling. The dough would come to room temperature so quickly. And when it came to rolling them up, wow! I broke out into a sweat trying to work fast. I thought I followed the recipe correctly, but it seems I could use a lot more practice in this direction. My rugelach smelled so delicious baking, but each batch either came out too caramlely, too dry, or  too wet. This was a hard recipe. Here are some photos of my baking adventure this week.

Here are all the ingredients.

Here are all the ingredients before the attempt to roll them up.

Here are some examples of too caramely.

Here are some on the cookie sheet before going into the oven. These were the prettiest batch by far and the last batch. I tried it seam side down (with my roommates suggestion) instead of cut side down, and still most fell over and unraveled while baking.

Here are all the failed attempts.

And here are the the best two of the day. They sure smelled better than they tasted!

The lesson this week? Back to the drawing board, and practice, practice, practice.

You can find the recipe and the way they should come out at Jessica of My Baking Heart and Margaret of The Urban Hiker.







4 thoughts on “Rugelach

  1. Poor Cori and poor Rugelach! It can be so disappointing to work so hard on a recipe only to have it be a flop. Maybe the dough needed more flour? It was brave of you to try the recipe anyway and hopefully you still had fun. I sadly did not get to make the Rugelach because my book had not arrived yet, but I was considering making some for Christmas. I may set that idea aside and do Hamantaschen instead, they look easier!

  2. Definitely a challenging choice, but I did mine in several steps over 2 days & it was quite tasty. Not so sure if I would make it again too soon, though?? And we always learn so much from the ” far from perfect” attempts.

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