Irish Soda Bread

This week we made Irish Soda Bread at TWD. You can find the recipe at My Culinary Mission and Chocolate Moosey. And since I’m 99% Irish, I was excited to make this recipe and it came out pretty darn good if I say so myself. This was quick and easy and a joy to make. My Mom used to make this bread growing up, but usually with raisins. I made it the traditional way. When my Mom would make it, I seem to remember it being really dense and heavy, but this recipe came out flaky and rose really nicely. It was delicious and didn’t turn to stone at the end of the day either. However, most of it went into the freezer for future eatings. I ate it with butter and homemade strawberry jam, nom nom nom.  It even passed the roomate taste test, even though he thought it was just a big gigantic biscuit and says he doesn’t like biscuits, but he’s 99% English, so what does he know? Lol! Friends at work liked it as well and told me they took it home to toast and eat with butter and honey. That makes me happy to share.  So, Happy belated St. Patrick’s Day everybody!



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